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1. Delicious garlic butter hidden inside
2. Mix evenly to cook well
3. Add the flavor sauce

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The fun started when you sizzling your food at Superpan. Pan heat up to 500F. Keep hot at 176F for DIY Cooking. *** DIY Cooking is so much fun. Remember to ask to add egg to your Superpan. ***

Be Super Pan Chef and Enjoy our HALF OFF Drinks, Beer and Wine Everyday 11:30AM - 5PM!

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Tea Drink

Try our Bubble Tea. We have premium house milk tea, honey lemon green tea w/ Aloe, passion fruit green tea, classical rose tea w/popping boba, matcha red bean milk tea, and more.

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Ice Shaved

Try our Korean snow milk sherbet, strawberry cheesecake ice shaved, black forest ice shaved, golden banana ice shaved, and more.

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11:30AM - 9:30PM

Today Best SellingBeef Pepper Rice

"Pan Heat up to 500F" This is a very fun DIY cooking!